Friday, January 14, 2011

Dynasty Movie

Dynasty MovieDynasty the classic TV series from the 1980s is likely to make it to the big screen. Richard and Esther Shapiro, the show's creators, are indeed planning a Dynasty movie, a prequel actually. They're still working on the script but should soon go try to sell the project to the studios. They hope for a Dynasty movie franchise.

A few words Richard Shapiro about why they'd like the Dynasty movie to be a prequel:

"It was my daughter Florie’s notion to do a prequel, and that sounded very very good to us. It’s how young Blake doesn’t realize he’s the son of Tom Carrington, but then he finds himself at the head of this company and surrounded by assassins and people who want to do him in."
Richard Shapiro

Esther Shapiro precises the idea:

"We want to go back to the beginning with these characters and use the film to trace their roots. We’re taking Blake Carrington back to his young manhood and when he met Alexis, and setting the movie in the Mad Men era of the 1960s."
Esther Shapiro

Here's the opening of the original Dynasty TV series:


What do you think about the plan to make a prequel to Dynasty? Impatient to see the movie?